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Bridgestone - IBM case

Dainutehvs (936606) writes | about 9 months ago


Dainutehvs (936606) writes "Business Insider reports that Bridgestone is suing IBM over a poorly designed, implemented, tested and delivered computer system. Total cost of the system was over 75 million USD. Bridgestones complaint reports the drama which started to resolve in year 2005 when they started set of projects to replace its legacy Customer Order Processing System which is written in COBOL "to better serve its customers, to better integrate and standardize systems across multiple locations, and to replace aging systems as necessary to position itself for growth". Disaster took place 7 years later — during first 6 months of 2012. According to Bridgestone — IBM was providing "outdated", "unsuitable" and "non-standard" solution design, assigning personnel to the project who lacked the represented expertise, experience, and qualifications and delivering mission-critical work product that was defective, or carried unreasonable risk of failure. Bridgestone also states that IBMs WebSphere Process Server was not the appropriate middleware for the design solution because it added too much unnecessary complexity and instability to the solution when better IBM middleware products were available and should have been used on the project.
IBM is defending vigorously stating that Bridgestone have only to blame themselves. During project Bridgestone had management problems (replaced CIO 6 times during project), took bad decisions (insisted on "big-bang" go-live, insisted on scheduled go-live date regardless of IBMs urges and written warnings and they gave IBM a release). According to IBM — Bridgestone had tried several times with other vendors and failed to upgrade its system and IBM was the only vendor to succeed in completing the upgrade to SAP."

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