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RMS calls for "truly anonymous payment" alternative to Bitcoin

BitVulture (3423655) writes | about a year ago


BitVulture (3423655) writes "With everybody but the Dalai Lama talking about Bitcoin, Richard Stallman took a break from his duties as high priest of the free software movement to air his views on the crypto-currency that has become virtually as valuable as gold. In an interveiw with Russian media giant RT, Stallman praised Bitcoin for allowing people to "send money to someone without getting the permission of a payment company". But he also warned against a major weakness of Bitcoin and called for the development of "a system for truly anonymous payment" online. The interview took place on the sidelines of the recent Bitcoin Expo in London. Among the guests to the gathering of Bitcoin fans, and a few critics, were 3D-printed gun developer Cody Wilson and a singer named Rachel, who was scheduled to perform the song "Bitcoin Baby"."

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Who should be put in charge of that system ? (1)

Taco Cowboy (5327) | about a year ago | (#45572073)

... [Stallman] called for the development of "a system for truly anonymous payment" online ...

It is very easy to do the "call for" thing. All it takes is to open one's mouth, that's it.

But who should be put in charge on developing that system in the first place ? And how to implement it so to achieve the " truly anonymous " status ??

Since Stallman likes the "called for" exercise so much, here's my proposal to him ...

Instead of just a "totally anonymous payment system" why don't you go all the way for "the development of a Totally Anonymous ID system" --- that way, one can do ANYTHING without being traced.

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