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Is it time to throw away your smart phone ?

Anonymous Coward writes | about 10 months ago


An anonymous reader writes "Smart phones are designed to leak your private information — its a fact. The modern smartphone is no less than a spy machine. Its a micro satellite with just one target — YOU. It can listen continuously in your environment and record everything being said (and translate foreign languages on the fly or listen for keywords), has cameras pointed in two opposite directions you have no idea when they are filming, triangulates your position by satellite and transmits your location continuously to a government database server that permanently logs your movements, has facial recognition and fingerprint readers built in and you better believe its leaking any biometric identification information it gets, keeps tabs on who your friends are, their addresses and phone numbers, your communications with them, the websites you visit, the emails and texts you write. It sits in your wireless network behind your firewall and has a backup network connection.

Having seen the scope of the NSA's operations clearly this is a terrible piece of equipment for anyone who believes in privacy to own. Its obvious that smartphones are used for mass surveillance and so perhaps it is time to just throw your phone away ? What do you think Slashdot ?"

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Is it time for an open smart phone? (1)

rplante (1373593) | about 10 months ago | (#45648745)

Can an open smart phone platform be designed to be concerned about privacy? For example,
  • can it monitor network traffic for by apps not in "use"?
  • can the cell phone capability be turned off without turning off the platform?
  • can apps be required to be authorized before access certain data or capabilities (e.g. biometrics, camera, gps)
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