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Can digital music replace all instrumental musicians?

deviated_prevert (1146403) writes | about 4 months ago


deviated_prevert (1146403) writes "Most instrumental music used today in television commercials, background sounds and themes even on the majority of produced shows comes from completely digital composers who produce the product through digitized instrument samples. This has almost eliminated the need for real human instrumental musicians. For most people this makes no difference as this music is essentially background in nature and does not need to have a true musical interaction with a listening audience at all.

The same thing applies to the waves of digital music produced for things like raves. To quote one observer at the Globe and Mail "So now we know why Deadmau5 and Daft Punk wear helmets when they perform. Everybody is digging the music, but no one is dancing. It is a sad development; the headgear of the maestros is there to mask their tears."

Will the live performance of instrumental musicians also become a thing of the past or is there any real need for it? Purely instrumental groups like Booker T and the MGs as well as solo performers like Herbie Hancock or John McLaughlin seem to not take the spotlight as they once did. It is apparent that unless someone with a young fresh face is singing today's producers will not attempt to promote them any longer.

Regardless of how great today's instrumentalists are musically there seems to no longer be a market for real musicianship. Even great performing classical musicians and ensembles seem to becoming scarce because corporations have mostly switched to faster and cheaper digital music production."

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