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How Healthcare.gov Changed the Whole Software Testing Conversation

Anonymous Coward writes | about 4 months ago


An anonymous reader writes "While several “software glitches” have been featured on the evening news, I can’t recall any that have caused a national conversation about the process of building and testing software unti Healthcare.gov. Suddenly, Americans are sitting at their kitchen tables – in suburbs, in cities, on farms – and talking about quality issues with a website. The average American was given nightly tutorials on load testing and performance bottlenecks when the site first launched, then crumbled moments later. We talked about whether the requirements were well-defined and the project schedule reasonably laid out. We talked about who owns the decision to launch and whether they were keeping appropriate track of milestones and iterations. After that came the public discussions about security holes, which, admittedly, is not an unfamiliar concept to most people."
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Changed ? Or simply made them do the obvious? (1)

macpacheco (1764378) | about 4 months ago | (#45779757)

I like the idea of ObamaCare. Heck I love it.
But the website debacle shows the dirtiest side of the democrats.
They are completely averse to efficiency. To being accountable.
Any computer science graduate worth his salt knows basic software engineering practices that were totally skipped on this project.
Hundreds of millions of USD throwed down the waste, because this project was sliced irresponsibly along multiple suppliers, and the ones responsible for the whole thing working together had no real fear of being fired if it failed (actually nobody got fired for it !).
Not that I think the Republican idea is better. Dubya fired nobody, didn't reformed a single gov agency / department in any meaningful way.
At least the democrats try to get govt to work, waste a lot of money but in the end they do their job.
So If you follow me, the answer must be to demand that democratic/independent voters demand the democrat politicians to get their act together, never mind the GOP, they're even worse. All you need to do is look at all the rampant sabotage they're doing to Obamacare and many other Obama initiatives.

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