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Inside General Fusion

quax (19371) writes | about 4 months ago


quax (19371) writes "Slashdot first reported on the Canadian start-up company that attempts piston powered nuclear fusion back in 2009. This new blog post takes a look at where they are now, and give some additional behind the scene info. For instance, a massive experimental rig for magnetized target fusion in the US is currently underutilized, because ITER's increasing cost absorbs all the public fusion research funding. Yet, because this Shiva Star device is located in an Air Force base, security restrictions prevent any meaningful cooperation with a none US company. Even if US researchers would love to rent this out in order to advance the science of magnetized target fusion, this is a no go.

Is this just security paranoia, or should the US preferably not use experimental facilities rather than allowing foreign companies to conduct experiments with them?"

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Fusion is an economic scam ! (1)

macpacheco (1764378) | about 4 months ago | (#45819011)

People talk about fusion about to break even.
They talk about the electricity used in the containment field being just a little bit over the thermal energy generated by the fusion.
But they don't account for the 50% losses on any currently available method of converting heat into electricity.
The fact is fusion needs to produce 50% more thermal energy than the electricity it needs for containment before it breaks even.
That's a long way off. And it might not be economical. EVER !
So I call this a huge economical / political SCAM !
We're taking the general population away from nuclear fission which is where we need to invest heavily right now.
With USD 10 billion we should have at least 3 types of 4th generation nuclear power plants certified and ready for mass production that will be walk away safe (don't need humans nor computers to prevent a meltdown, all passive safety systems), some designs promise we could power 100% of the worlds current energy needs (electrical, thermal, transportation) for the next 1000 years without mining a gram of uranium, others require mining of Thorium, which is plentiful, and we need to mine it because of other valuable minerals that are found together with it (rare earth elements).
Please watch Pandora's Promise, we need to undo the brainwashing Green Peace did to most of us.

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