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Bank & Gov't Agency coordination, "To keep you safe"

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 year,13 days


An anonymous reader writes "New details have surfaced regarding the surveillance protocols used by Bank of America to keep tabs on social activists. Last year, Anonymous hacktivists published 14 gigabytes of private emails and spreadsheets which revealed that Bank of America was monitoring social media and other online services used by activists for basic communication. This time however, information about the bankâ(TM)s recent surveillance activities were obtained legally through a public records request by a single petitioner. The newly published documents reveal a coordinated effort by Bank of America, the Washington State Patrol (WSP), and federal counterterrorism agencies, to monitor activists as they prepared for a public demonstration in Olympia, Wash. Over 230 people originally signed up to attend the âoeMillion Mask Marchâ event, which was organized by the Anonymous movement and took place on November 5, 2013.

Queue the refrain: "If you have nothing to hide...""

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Privacy isn't important right? (1)

EdIII (1114411) | 1 year,13 days | (#45933943)

Why on Earth is BOFA monitoring activists again? They were categorized as undesirables by those shit eating executives. That's right.

This is why privacy is so crucial to our well being and survival as a society. You cannot view all violations as equal, and you must evaluate the relative power of the different actors.

We need to get our privacy back, and I don't know how many more examples like this need to come up. How many activists here have been denied services by BOFA, had their privacy further invaded, just because some executive didn't like their sociopolitical views?

When you can no longer freely speak because it endangers your ability to get a job, or secure a home loan from BOFA, that is when we have less freedom and ability to have open dialogue about controversial topics.

Make no mistake. This has nothing to do with national security. It's purely abuse of those without power by those who have it because those that have it, disagree with those that don't.

BOFA just happens to be run by sociopaths, but it's another mistake to think that kind of behavior and corporate culture is an isolated event.

Not Activism, THINKTIVISM (1)

flyneye (84093) | 1 year,12 days | (#45938043)

Perhaps removing your account with credit/debit cards from the financial fuckheads institution would be a good first step. Many nice credit unions out there would love your business and care less about your politics.
          I just got my mortgage out from under the swine. Why every BoA in every city hasnt been burned to the ground, pissed on and had its parking lots cursed is amazing to me. NOW they show their true colors by joining hands with the Federal Fuckheads of America to harrass the people of the several states.Perfect.

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