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US Senator Describes Being Target Of Political Surveillance By Done-

cold fjord (826450) writes | about 9 months ago


cold fjord (826450) writes "Politico reports, "Sen. Dianne Feinstein says she once found a drone peeking into the window of her home — the kind of cautionary tale she wants lawmakers to consider as they look at allowing commercial drone use. ... she used the episode to implore lawmakers to “proceed with caution.” Feinstein said she encountered the flying robot while a demonstration was taking place outside her house. She said she went to the window to peek out — and “there was a drone right there at the window looking out at me.” ... “Obviously the pilot of the drone had some surprise because the drone wheeled around and crashed ...” she said. ... Feinstein, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Wednesday that she has seen firsthand the surveillance capabilities of drones and called civilian privacy concerns “significant.” She ... recommended a search warrant requirement. Feinstein said she is working on legislation with the Commerce Committee and urged senators to move swiftly to create “strong, binding enforceable privacy policies that govern drone operations before the technology is upon us.”""
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Corrected (1)

cold fjord (826450) | about 9 months ago | (#45977293)

Added the "Politico reports"

Argh (1)

cold fjord (826450) | about 9 months ago | (#45977333)

Headline should say, Drone, not Done.

"US Senator Describes Being Target Of Political Surveillance By Drone"


"US Senator Describes Being Target Of Political Surveillance By Done-"

Pot meet kettle (2)

schwit1 (797399) | about 9 months ago | (#45977699)

She is one of the biggest proponents of the NSA's Orwellian spying programs.

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