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Washington's Challenge: Where to Stockpile Mountains of NSA Data?

wiredmikey (1824622) writes | about 7 months ago


wiredmikey (1824622) writes "Figuring out where to store massive amounts of data collected by the NSA is a major challenge the US faces in curtailing its massive surveillance program, officials said Sunday.

The president directed CIA chief James Clapper and US Attorney General Eric Holder to give him proposals by the end of March on which entity ought to maintain the sensitive information. Major telecommunications firms have made clear, however, that they are reticent to keep the data.

Key US lawmakers, including Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, have expressed concerns that the information would not be readily available to the officials who need it if held by non-governmental entities. "The whole purpose of this program is to provide instantaneous information, to be able to disrupt any plot that may be taking place," she told NBC television's "Meet the Press" program.

Congressman Michael McCaul, who chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security, agreed that it was key to determine where to house the NSA "metadata." "I think metadata most significantly won't be dismantled, but put in the hands of an outside third party," he told ABC." "It can't be at Target or at any of these places that end up being hacked into," he said, referring to the recent data breach that exposed up to 110 million customers."

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Wasn't that why the Utah facility was built? (1)

schwit1 (797399) | about 7 months ago | (#46013403)

So the taxpayers are going to pay for storage of the same data that the carriers are already storing?
And he's going to put a party apparatchik(Podesta) in charge?

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