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Microsoft pays for positive XBox One coverage, requires breaking FTC rules

Anonymous Coward writes | about 3 months ago


An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft, partnered with Machinima, has put forth a promotion for YouTube personalities — make a video about the XBox One and get money for it. Problematically, they also require that the review not mention anything negative and not disclose that they're getting paid, which breaks FTC disclosure rules. Microsoft has a well-known history of astroturfing, but is this the first proof of them doing it illegally?"
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Don't trust randoms on the internet, duh (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 3 months ago | (#46019187)

We are seeing this way too much in this industry:
You've got Microsoft doing it.
Sony [techrights.org] doing it.
Google [zengardner.com] doing [theregister.co.uk] it.
Belkin [bit-tech.net] doing it.
And many many more.

Any source that isn't an ethical journalist or trusted source is potentially astroturfing for some company. Though with so many rabid fanboys on this site (Google, Apple and Microsoft in particular) doing it for free it is fairly surprising to me that they even have to pay for it at all.

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