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MIT develops inexpensive Transparent Display using Nano-particles

rtoz (2530056) writes | about 9 months ago


rtoz (2530056) writes "Researchers at MIT have come up with an innovative approach for creating Transparent Displays inexpensively, while providing wide viewing angle and scalability to large sizes.

This Transparent display is created by the resonant nano-particle scattering.

To create this transparent display, silver nano-particles are embedded in the transparent material. And,The particles are tuned to scatter only certain wavelengths of light and let all other wavelengths through.

In this example, it is tuned to scatter only blue color. Silver nanoparticles about the size of 60 nanometers were used to produce this blue image

As of now it works for blue color only. But the researchers believe that it can be easily enhanced to a muti-color display by creating nano particles that can scatter other primary colors red and green.

The ability to display graphics and texts on a transparent screen can enable many useful applications.

For example, they could bring navigation data to windshields of cars and aircraft, and advertisements to the sides of skyscrapers.

Cheap "stick-on screens" could be developed using this technology.

The messages broadcast on nanoparticle screens are accessible from virtually every angle.

It could turn any window into a movie screen. Transparent screens themselves are not new; For example, Google is working on Google glass. But they are expensive. This MIT invention will help to produce transparent displays easily and inexpensively."

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old news (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 9 months ago | (#46034099)

tom cruise already invented transparent displays... haven't you seen the minority report?

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