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Office Space: TV documentary looks at the dreadful open office

sandbagger (654585) writes | about 9 months ago


sandbagger (654585) writes "The CBC (it's like PBS only without the begging) is broadcasting a documentary about the open plan office this evening. You can hear a radio interview about the documentary here. In this documentary, the history of the open office is looked at, how it has evolved, and how the justifications for it being best for everyone else are used by those with offices. Advocates say fewer doors and walls means more collaboration. Critics say it's all driven by bottom line economics--crowding more people into smaller spaces saves money.

Is it just me or do the people who want you to work in open offices sound like the nobility in Downtown Abbey?"

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IBM's Santa Teresa Laboratory study (1)

Martin S. (98249) | about 9 months ago | (#46046665)

It has been well documented for over 30 years. The IBM's Santa Teresa Laboratory study show Programmers with private offices around a common team space were [b]vastly more productive[/b] than open plan offices. [] []

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