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Ask Slashdot: What Does Edward Snowden Deserve?

Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes | about 9 months ago


Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made government whistleblower Edward Snowden a very peculiar offer last week: plead guilty, and the U.S. government would consider how to handle his criminal case. That seems an inverted way of doing things—in the United States, the discussions (if not the trial) usually come before the guilty plea—but Holder’s statement hints yet again at the conundrum facing the government when it comes to Snowden, a former subcontractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) who leaked secrets about that group’s intelligence operations to a number of newspapers, most notably The Guardian. It’s unlikely that the U.S. government would ever consider giving full clemency to Snowden, but now it seems that various officials are willing to offer something other than locking him in a deep, dark cell and throwing away the key. If Snowden ever risked coming back to the United States (or if he was forced to return, thanks to the Russians kicking him out and no other country willing to give him asylum), and you were Holder and Obama, what sort of deal would you try to strike with everybody's favorite secrets-leaker?"
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Anonymous Coward | about 9 months ago | (#46081343)

Well, given this is Slashdot, I think we can safely narrow the range of responses to Snowden from "deified and the basis of a new religion" (NOTE: This is different from "granted sainthood") to "travel back in time to eradicate his entire family line one by one with my bare damn hands until the blood-red haze fades from my eyes". From there, the conversation should be able to proceed with civility.

Oh, wait, did I say "range of responses"? Yeah, sorry, I meant those were the only two responses. Screw moderation and diplomacy, of course.

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