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Getting Young Women Interested in Open Source

Jason Baker (3502325) writes | about 9 months ago


Jason Baker (3502325) writes "It seems like a perennial question: "How do we get more women involved in tech?" The open source community, like any other part of the technology industry, is grappling with finding solutions that are more than just talking the talk of diversity, but actually make some demonstrable difference in the numbers. While there have been numerous success stories, the gender gap is still rampant. The answer, at least to one freelance entrepreneur, is providing strong role models of women using open source to have fun and make money. But is that enough to make a difference?"

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I call bullshit. (1)

JustNiz (692889) | about 9 months ago | (#46153961)

I call bullshit. Women already have more opportunities than men to get into tech. There are already many more funding programs to help women get into tech than there are for men.
Nobody is actively holding female developers back, especially from helping develop on existing open source projects or starting their own. The intrisic advantage of open source is that you don't need anyone elses permission to contribute, and If you don't like what someone else is doing on that project, you just make your own branch and have at it. The version that dominates is intrisically a result-based outcome based on the quality and features of the product itself.
The bottom line is that women don't like competing on a truly level playing field. They always want exceptions made because of their gender. They just need to suck it up and work hard to be a developer, just like all the guys already had to.

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