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Ask Slashdot: What's there to like about the BETA?

Narnie (1349029) writes | about 9 months ago


Narnie (1349029) writes "I come to /. not for the nearly interesting pseudo-tech articles, but for the lively, self-moderated discussion. Today I'm bit surprised to see every discussion summarized to fuckbeta. Popping up all over the place there's discussions about beta and even alternatives being revived and created. As I tend not to RTFA, I haven't sampled the beta myself. So, I ask you guys, what's there to like about the BETA and what's there to loath?"
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It seems to want to look like CNN's site (1)

Bob the Super Hamste (1152367) | about 9 months ago | (#46178759)

To me it has the cluttered unorganized look that so many sites have adopted. The new direction they are trying to go seem to want to look like or

fuck beta (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 9 months ago | (#46178905)

Please post this to new articles if it hasn't been posted yet.

On February 5, 2014, Slashdot announced through a javascript popup that they are starting to "move in to" the new Slashdot Beta design.

Slashdot Beta is a trend-following attempt to give Slashdot a fresh look, an approach that has led to less space for text and an abandonment of the traditional Slashdot look. Much worse than that, Slashdot Beta fundamentally breaks the classic Slashdot discussion and moderation system.

If you haven't seen Slashdot Beta already, open this [] in a new tab. After seeing that, click here [] to return to classic Slashdot.

We should boycott stories and only discuss the abomination that is Slashdot Beta until Dice abandons the project.
We should boycott slashdot entirely during the week of Feb 10 to Feb 17 as part of the wider slashcott []

Moderators - only spend mod points on comments that discuss Beta
Commentors - only discuss the Beta - Vote up the Fuck Beta stories

Keep this up for a few days and we may finally get the PHBs attention.

Discussion of Beta []
Discussion of where to go if Beta goes live []
Alternative Slashdot []

Problem solved: New CEO for Dice Holdings (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 9 months ago | (#46179237)

One thing is certain: The Dice Holdings CEO needs to be replaced.

What's there to like (2)

rwa2 (4391) | about 9 months ago | (#46179957)

I was hoping to find an actual positive discussion in here, but oh well.

For my part, I assume the site "redesign" is just a migration off of Slashcode onto the same web publishing engine that the rest of DICE's properties use, so they can get the same analytics engine to market you to their advertisers. That's all the PHBs want ,what they really really want.

In fact, this big anti-Beta campaign is probably driving their analytics up Up UP! "Look at all the traffic our enthusiastic users are generating to the new Beta site!"

Re:What's there to like (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 9 months ago | (#46180165)

If only the users could moderate the analytic data. I propose a unit called the 'ad point' allowing a temporarily elevated user to assign these ad points to things like advertisements, site changes, user experience, and page views -- thus categorizing the data. Some categories could be construed as positive and other negative. The sum of the ad points on a data could be used to create "karma." Thus we build direct feedback if an advertisement or change is liked by the users and how enthused users are about changes or certain advertisements.

Re:What's there to like (1)

Kell Bengal (711123) | about 8 months ago | (#46183477)

That's great for the short term... but when the exodus is over and the forums are silent and stone-cold, they won't feel quite so accomplished.

Re:What's there to like (1)

akh (240886) | about 8 months ago | (#46185541)

For my part, I assume the site "redesign" is just a migration off of Slashcode onto the same web publishing engine that the rest of DICE's properties use,

That's my suspicion as well. I noticed some other sites have oddly similar design (especially in the details). Take a look at NPR's blogs, for example:

Notice any similarities? Looks a lot different under the hood though so I could be wrong. Mind you there's so much crap going on behind the scenes on the /. beta that it's hard to say for sure.

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