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Bitcoin Plunges after Mt. Gox Exchange halts trades

krakman (1121803) writes | about 6 months ago


krakman (1121803) writes "From Bloomberg...

Bitcoin plunged more than 8 percent today after a Tokyo-based exchange halted withdrawals of the digital currency, citing technical malfunction.

Mt. Gox, claimed in a blog post it needed to “temporarily pause on all withdrawal requests to obtain a clear technical view of the currency processes.” It promised an “update” — not a reopening — on Monday, Feb. 10, Japan time.

This is day after Russia's Prosecutor General concluded Bitcoin and other digital currencies are illegal under current law."

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It's interesting seeing the plunge in real time (1)

forkazoo (138186) | about 6 months ago | (#46191685)

So, I checked slashdot on my phone today over lunch, and I saw the big "We hear you!" post discussing beta. Then, I got home tonight and was redirected to the new beta interface. So, clearly, slashdot the corporate group doesn't hear what slashdot the community is saying. If people are still being involuntarily redirected to something that has put the community at the edge of open rebellion, slashdot is clearly plunging in relevance even faster than a post Gox bitcoin. It's been a good run. I had over a decade of fun here on slashdot. I had excellent karma. But, clearly it's time for me to walk away. It's a shame that that ./ is so hell bent on shooting themselves in the face with this redesign. If they don't completely abandon it, this will probably the last post from this account. Weird. If you want to improve ./, add utf8 support and math rendering. Stuff people are actually asking for. Trying to refine the redesign is the wrong path. It's the wrong direction. Trying to dial in the details of shooting yourself in the face doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter if you trade the shotgun for a pistol, or whether you aim for the nose or the roof of your mouth. That's all "Beta isn't ready" means. It's a shame when a good community dissolves, but good night.

Explain it to me (1)

jomama717 (779243) | about 6 months ago | (#46193331)

I *honestly* do not understand it. Explain it to me, and don't just tell me it sucks, I want to know the details of your personal torment at the hands of a website redesign. Do you feel slighted? Are you personally offended by the website's layout? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank the pain and suffering? Try explaining it to me as you would explain it to a child, or a starving refugee.

It's buggy. There is shit missing. A lot of shit missing. Yet, I seem to be able to read all of these pointless comments, and reply to them without issue. I can mod them offtopic with no issues whatsoever. If it weren't for this totally inexplicable flood of self-righteous protest comments I think my life would cruise right along reading and enjoying normal slashdot comments in the new design. Or, maybe not. Maybe if I could see the site operating as it should be in the new format I would begin to feel your profound misery. Alas I'll never know.

I've resigned myself to the distinct possibility that the site is now forever ruined - by you and your ilk, not by the poor saps charged with the redesign. Of all of the goddamn things to be outraged about, I do not understand it.

fuck beta (1)

kangsterizer (1698322) | about 6 months ago | (#46191831)

the ui sucks. looks like yet-another-news-site-that-isn't-useable.
aaaaaand no disable button.

No point discussing the posts in these conditions.

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