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14 in '14: Rash of unplanned nuclear reactor shutdowns this year

mdsolar (1045926) writes | about 2 months ago


mdsolar (1045926) writes "Winter is the time when nuclear power ought to be at its best. Cooling water is not lacking which sometimes troubles summer operations. Electricity demand is high in the northern states, and with cold weather emergencies, an "extra reliable" power source ought to be appreciated. But starting with the troubled Indian Point reactor in NY on January 6 this year, there has been a rash of unplanned shutdowns of nuclear power reactors. Beaver Valley in PA went down the same day, while Fort Calhoun in NE had an ice blocked sluice gate on the 9th. The next day, Robinson in SC shutdown while on the 17th, Monticello in NM led both Harris in NC and Comanche Peak in TX on the 18th in going dark. In MD, Calvert Cliffs' double shutdown on the 22nd is causing grave concern at the NRC as it paints a history of carelessness and January closed out with two more shutdowns at Millstone in CT and Salem in NJ. Already this month two reactors have shutdown, one at Diablo Canyon in CA and twice now at North Anna in VA on first on the 2nd and then on the 9th of February.

While the nuclear power industry has been jaw boning about fuel supply diversity and some strain had been put on natural gas supply infrastructure in the Northeast with this winter's weather, does demonstrating nuclear unreliability like this really support their ideas or would a few more domestic natural gas pipe lines and under-river electric transmission lines down from Quebec be better investments in keeping warm in the winter?"

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