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Lithium-ion battery capacity doubled with new germanium nanowires

Anonymous Coward writes | about 8 months ago


An anonymous reader writes "Existing lithium-ion batteries rely on graphite (although silicon is becoming more common now as it provides up to 20% higher capacity), and while it performs well, graphite limits the capacity of such batteries. So a research team at the University of Limerick, Ireland set about replacing graphite with a new element.

They ended up focusing on germanium, a gray-white metalloid that’s similar to tin and silicon. and restructured it using nanowires to create a porous material that remains stable during charging. In fact, not only is it stable, it also extends the life of any lithium-ion battery using it to over 1,000 cycles. Today’s batteries are typically rated at hundreds of cycles.

The end result? A new lithium-ion battery with double the capacity of existing batteries, a longer life, and as an added bonus it's highly scalable and cheap to manufacture."

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Long life (1)

LeadSongDog (1120683) | about 8 months ago | (#46218209)

Looking at [] and at [] it seems that Ryan et al. have a new way of making stable anodes, losing 10% of the new charge rate per 1000 discharge cycles. A car that still has 80% power after 2000 commutes starts to look credible.
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