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What "news for nerds" sites should I use?

stderr_dk (902007) writes | about 8 months ago


stderr_dk (902007) writes "I used to visit Slashdot quite often, but if Dice Holdings decide to switch the interface to what is currently known as "Beta", I'll have to find another site for my "stuff that matters"-fix.

So, Slashdot, what sites can you recommend for a "maybe-ex" /. user?"

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Sylent news down (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46265265)

Sylent news has not had news story for 5 or 6 hours.

Solve the underlying problem. (1)

Futurepower(R) (558542) | about 8 months ago | (#46265351)

Instead of complaining, we should solve the problem. The CEO of Dice Holdings should be replaced. He apparently has no understanding of how to appeal to technically knowledgeable people.

Re:Solve the underlying problem. (1)

vikingpower (768921) | about 8 months ago | (#46265601)

That sounds like a good starting point for a revolution. And not like a stupid idea at all.

Re:Solve the underlying problem. (1)

davydagger (2566757) | about 8 months ago | (#46265851)

I'll get the pitch forks, if you get the torches, someone elses needs some far and some feathers

Re:Solve the underlying problem. (1)

i kan reed (749298) | about 8 months ago | (#46267583)

But seriously, don't kill anyone over some CSS.

One word (1)

vikingpower (768921) | about 8 months ago | (#46265633)

( or, actually, two ): Ars Technica.

Soylent? (2)

Zocalo (252965) | about 8 months ago | (#46265719)

Aiming to be a direct Slashdot replacement and development seems to be progressing rapidly, although it's still a little rough around the edges, but that's kind of to be expected this early on: []

Lots of options (1)

kevlar_rat (995996) | about 8 months ago | (#46324091)

There are a number of options.soylentnews [] has been mentioned, pipedot [] is coming along. There are a lot of ex -slashdotter on the comp.misc newsgroup. squte [] (my own site) provides a slashdot-like interface to newsgroups. There is also [] - but that seems dead so far.
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