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Getty Images makes 35 million images free for non-comercial usage

kc123 (3513107) writes | about 8 months ago


kc123 (3513107) writes "In an effort to deal with copyright infringement Getty Images is launching a new embedding feature that will make more than 35 million images freely available to anyone for non-commercial usage. Anyone will be able to visit Getty Images’ library of content, select an image and copy an embed HTML code to use that image on their own websites. Getty Images will serve the image in an embedded player – very much like YouTube currently does with its videos – which will include the full copyright information and a link back to the image’s dedicated licensing page on the Getty Images website."

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Size contraints (1)

santajon (22325) | about 8 months ago | (#46419941)

Tried this out last night. It's highly restrictive to the size of the image they select.
Doesn't fit in the place you want to put it? Find another image.
Don't want the whole image? Find another image.

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