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Malaysia Airlines' Beoing 777 With 239 People Missing

thebuzzfinder (3431247) writes | about a year ago


thebuzzfinder (3431247) writes "Malaysia Airlines announced it has lost contact with its Boeing B777-200 aircraft travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers, including two children and 12 crew members on board.

The airline said in a statement that flight MH370 disappeared at 2:40 am Saturday. It was expected to land Beijing at 6:30 am. " Malaysia Airlines is currently working with the authorities who have activated their search and rescue team to locate their aircraft.

According to China's state news agency, the plane lost communication over Vietnam with control department in Ho Chi Minh City at 1:20 a.m. The radar signal also was lost."

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Pilot and First Officer of MH370 are UNQUALIFIED ! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46433453)

The pilot's name of the crashed Malaysian Airline MH370 is Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

The First officer is Fariq Abdullah Hamid.

Both of them are MALAY and both of them got their pilot license simply because they are MALAYs .

Malaysia is a racist country. Everything goes according to RACE.

The MALAYs are the "privileged race". They got ALL THE RIGHTS which are protected by laws.

Lots and LOTS unqualified Malay individuals get certified as medical doctors and airplane pilots.

There have been cases in Malaysia whereby Malay doctors have caused harmed to babies (one baby lost her right arm because of a Malay doctor's mistake).

If you treasure your life, do not go to Malaysia, do not fly planes piloted by Malaysian Malays, and do not let Malay doctors operate on you.

Boing Boeing (1)

sunderland56 (621843) | about a year ago | (#46434027)

The aircraft manufacturer is Boeing. The fact that it went boing is news. What's beoing?

What's "a Beoing"? (1)

f66336pb (588623) | about a year ago | (#46435897)

What's "a Beoing"?

Re:What's "a Beoing"? (1)

camperdave (969942) | about a year ago | (#46438193)

What's "a Beoing"?

It's a malware script that randomly swaps a pair of adjacent lettres.

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