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White House urges 'geeks' to get healthcare coverage, launch start-ups

dcblogs (1096431) writes | about 8 months ago


dcblogs (1096431) writes "The White House is urging tech workers, or "geeks," to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and said having the coverage will give them the "freedom and security" to start their own businesses. "There is strong evidence that when affordable healthcare isn't exclusively tied to employment, in more instances people choose to start their own companies," wrote White House CTO Todd Park in a post to launch its #GeeksGetCovered campaign.Bruce Bachenheimer, a professor of management at Pace University and director of its Entrepreneurship Lab, said the effort is part of a broader appeal by the White House to get younger and healthier people to sign-up for Obamacare, and is in the same vein as President Obama's recent appearance on Between Two Ferns,"
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Pay for healthcare or pay for something important (1)

schwit1 (797399) | about 8 months ago | (#46469185)

Food, lodging, transportation, college loans, etc

One is a sinkhole and the others are not.That's an easy choice.

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