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Judge Denies Feds Search Warrant for Email

Anonymous Coward writes | about 7 months ago


An anonymous reader writes "In yet another example of the judicial branch of the government becoming more critical of federal mass acquisition of personal data, federal magistrate judge John Facciola in D.C. 'denied a government warrant request to search an unnamed user’s e-mail address, citing the request as being over broad.' The judge further noted, 'This Court should not be placed in the position of compelling Apple to divine what the government actually seeks. Until this Application is clarified, it will be denied.'"

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judicial activism (1)

Spazmania (174582) | about 7 months ago | (#46519845)

This judge picked a particularly sloppily written search warrant application and then *way overreached* in response.

When the cops get a search warrant for your house for a particular document, they're allowed to search your file cabinet for that document. This judge proposes that for email, they must hire a third party to search the email account for that document.

Re:judicial activity (ftfy) (1)

d'baba (1134261) | about 7 months ago | (#46520465)

From my reading of tfa it seems the judge is merely asking for clarification and has proposed no such thing as what you suggest.
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