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World's First Smart Interactive Bed Turns Sleeping Into a Whole New Experience

concertina226 (2447056) writes | about 5 months ago


concertina226 (2447056) writes "A UK inventor has created the world's first smart interactive bed that contains a computer able to contour the bed to fit your body's shape as well as offer vibrating massage and a surround sound entertainment system.

Joe Katan, 52, a consumer product innovator who has a background in consumer product manufacturing and retail, has spent the last seven years working on the Balluga Smart Interactive bed, which will be unveiled next week at the Gadget Show Live trade show in Birmingham.

The mattress itself is an air bed made up of multiple cells made from a soft inflatable elastic membrane material that is 2 millimetres thick.
The cells can be precisely adjusted to fit and support your body using either a conventional remote control, or you can control the bed wirelessly from a smartphone app as the bed contains both a Wi-Fi hotspot and an Ethernet power line adaptor in the main AC plug.

If you just want a bed to sleep in, you can have that, but if you want more functionality, the company can build in a vibrating massage function to send you to sleep."

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