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Bugs in SCADA software leaves 7,600 factories vulnerable

mspohr (589790) writes | about 7 months ago


mspohr (589790) writes "The BBC reports:
The discovery of bugs in software used to run oil rigs, refineries and power plants has prompted a global push to patch the widely used control system. The bugs were found by security researchers and, if exploited, could give attackers remote access to control systems for the installations.
The US Department of Homeland Security said an attacker with "low skill" would be able to exploit the bugs. About 7,600 plants around the world are using the vulnerable software.
"We went from zero to total compromise," said Juan Vazquez, a researcher at security firm Rapid7 who, with colleague Julian Diaz, found several holes in Yokogawa's Centum CS 3000 software which was first released to run on Windows 98 to monitor and control machinery in many large industrial installations.
The researchers also explored other SCADA software: "We ended up finding over 1,000 bugs in 100 days,""

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Not news (1)

nobuddy (952985) | about 7 months ago | (#46665897)

SCADA systems are old, and originally never intended to be secure as they were not internet aware.
Add to that the fact that scada controls are expensive and last nearly forever in many cases- you get a mixed bag of new and old on the same network.

Source: I used to have to deal with SCADA on gas processing plants all over the southwest up to 2008.

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