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Hi-Tech Double Standards: Does C# on Android support Kassam Rockets into Israel?

JReuben1 (3010791) writes | about 5 months ago


JReuben1 (3010791) writes "Tech giant Miguel de Icaza is on an anti-Israel crusade which has been swept under the rug.

This week Brendon Eich (creator of JavaScript && Firefox) was forced to resign as CEO of Mozilla by the PC crowd for donating to a pro-straight marriage charity (see here: — I wonder if they’ll do same for HAMAS SUPPORTER Miguel de Icaza (see here:, CEO of Xamarin (Microsoft's new best buddy)

de Icaza has a long history of anti-Israel activity:
Here you can read de Icaza words supporting Mearsheimer and Walt's "Jewish Lobby" conspiracy theories
Here you can read de Icaza words calling Israel a "terrorist state"

The hi-tech outcry in support of LGBT against Brendon Eich is paralleled by the awkward silence over de Icaza's anti-Israel campaign."

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Is this acceptable? (1)

JReuben1 (3010791) | about 5 months ago | (#46676851)

Miquel di Icaza read HOLOCAUST DENIER Norman Finkelstein's "The Holocaust Industry” & found it “Fascinating” [] He seems to be such a fan of Norman Finkelstein that Norman's biopic photo is accredited to Miguel: []
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