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Intel and SGI Test Full-Immersion Cooling for Servers

itwbennett (1594911) writes | about 6 months ago


itwbennett (1594911) writes "Intel and SGI have built a proof-of-concept supercomputer that's kept cool using a fluid developed by 3M called Novec that is already used in fire suppression systems. The technology, which could replace fans and eliminate the need to use tons of municipal water to cool data centers, has the potential to slash data-center energy bills by more than 90 percent, said Michael Patterson, senior power and thermal architect at Intel. But there are several challenges, including the need to design new motherboards and servers."
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I wonder if this is the magic. (1)

niftymitch (1625721) | about 6 months ago | (#46711557)

"3M Novec 649 Engineered Fluid
"Novec 649 fluid is an advanced heat transfer fluid, balancing customer needs for physical, thermal and electrical properties, with favorable environmental properties. "Novec 649 fluid is an effective heat transfer fluid with a boiling point of 49C. Novec 649 fluid is useful in heat transfer particularly where non-flammability or environmental factors are a consideration." (from the 3m site)

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