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EPIC Fail, NASA has NO ISS plan for Russian Nyet

Jay Tyler (3607939) writes | about 4 months ago


Jay Tyler (3607939) writes "NASA Administrator Mr. Bolden went before Congress. He again played the blame game with comments of "That's not my Job" and "I'm not responsible to the Media". The plain FACT is that NASA has no backup plan to deal with the Russian problem. A problem that was designed by the Administration, and excutated by Mr. Bolden requiring the US to pay 71millon dollars for a taxi seat to the ISS. If the Pirate Putin says Nyet to NASA we are screwed, we have no plan. Before Congress Mr. Bolden, begs, and exhorts, for over a Billon US taxpayer dollars for FY2015 with the HOPE, that one of the Commercial Crew companies might be able to launch astronauts maybe in 2017. Mr. Boldens fix is we have no plan!"
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This isn't about funding! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 3 months ago | (#46718013)

You know very well this isn't about funding, or putting more US Tax dollars into a failing program. This is about Obama's whole dismantle of NASA! The supplies to the ISS are under contract and that program is not working. SpaceX had its last flight to the ISS over a year ago. The next flight CRX-3 to ISS delayed some 8 times (program failure). But I'm sure the spin from the top comes that this program is a success...its fail. The goal of doing "Science" via the ISS is not happening because of this supply programs failure. Science going up and also returning IS NOT Happening.
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