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Google: Better to be a 'B' CS Grad than an 'A+' English Grad

theodp (442580) writes | about 6 months ago


theodp (442580) writes "In a NY Times interview on How to Get a Job at Google with Laszlo Bock, who is in charge of all hiring at Google, the subject of grit-based hiring came up. Bock explained: "I was on campus speaking to a student who was a computer science and math double major, who was thinking of shifting to an economics major because the computer science courses were too difficult. I told that student they are much better off being a B student in computer science than an A+ student in English because it signals a rigor in your thinking and a more challenging course load. That student will be one of our interns this summer." Bock also advised, "You need to be very adaptable, so that you have a baseline skill set that allows you to be a call center operator today and tomorrow be able to interpret MRI scans." Hey why not require an I.Q. of 300, two centuries of Unix experience, and a track record of winning Nobel Prizes, too? Oops, wrong HR Director."

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Dumb Advice (1)

linearz69 (3473163) | about 6 months ago | (#46803361)

What an HR weenie.

The correct advice to the student should have been "take the course of study that best suites you". There are already a ton of people in tech that are clearly in it for the money and the job security, and they end up making bad programmers. This is the kind of advice, apparently made with the assumption that all we are all cogs, that just makes more bad programmers. Thank you Google.

While I agree that Economics classes may be easier than Computer Science, Economics certainly was boring in comparison for me. It is difficult to imagine myself even considering that switch. If this student thinks Computer Science is too hard and digs Economics, then the student is likely better suited for that course of study. Sure, the kid may not immediately land a job with Google when he/she graduates, but at least the kid be happier in the long run. And it will be one less crappy programmer the rest of us will have to deal with.

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