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Nokia Officially Ends up in Microsoft's Deep Pockets

SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes | about 4 months ago


SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes "It was quite a surprise when we heard back in September, last year, that Microsoft was going to acquire Nokia’s Devices and Services unit for just $5 billion. And today, more than eight months after the announcement, the company whose name was once synonymous with “mobile phone”, gets officially acquired by the Microsoft behemoth. Just as a reminder, $7.2 billion is the price that Microsoft paid for the acquisition. The merger will have a big impact on Nokia’s employees, as Microsoft will transder approximately 25,000 workers from around the world. The company also mentioned that Nokia’s factory from Masan, South Korea, and the factory in Chennai, India, will stay with Nokia."

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What a day! (1)

rajupp (2687179) | about 4 months ago | (#46839717)

As cliched as it may sound, it truly is an 'end of an era'

So.. (1)

Keruo (771880) | about 4 months ago | (#46840453)

The former Nokia X series is still being produced and continues to be sold under Microsoft according to Elop [] .
As the merger is now complete and Microsoft owns and operates the former Nokia mobile operations, Microsoft actually became a Linux vendor.

Microsoft now has a consumer product for sale which is running Linux as its primary OS kernel.

The game is over. Torvalds won.
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