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You can finally watch a live video feed of Earth from space, and it's awesome

Anonymous Coward writes | about 4 months ago


An anonymous reader writes "After being continuously inhabited for more than 13 years, it is finally possible to log into Ustream and watch the Earth spinning on its axis in glorious HD. This video feed (embedded below) comes from from four high-definition cameras, delivered by last month’s SpaceX CRS-3 resupply mission, that are attached to the outside of the International Space Station. You can open up the Ustream page at any time, and as long as it isn’t night time aboard the ISS, you’ll be treated to a beautiful view of the Earth from around 250 miles (400 km) up."
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O sweet spontaneous (1)

Mister Liberty (769145) | about 4 months ago | (#46909925)

        O sweet spontaneous
        earth how often have

                            fingers of
        purient philosophers pinched

        thee ,has the naughty thumb
        of science prodded

                    beauty .how
        oftn have religions taken
        thee upon their scraggy knees
        squeezing and

        buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

        to the incomparable
        couch of death thy

                            thou answerest

        them only with


                e.e. cummings

Re:O sweet spontaneous (1)

Trax3001BBS (2368736) | about 4 months ago | (#46910469)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate

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