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Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans as Antarctic Ice Melts

mdsolar (1045926) writes | about 5 months ago


mdsolar (1045926) writes "The collapse of large parts of the ice sheet in West Antarctica appears to have begun and is almost certainly unstoppable, with global warming accelerating the pace of the disintegration, two groups of scientists reported Monday.

The finding, which had been feared by some scientists for decades, means that a rise in global sea level of at least 10 feet may now be inevitable. The rise may continue to be relatively slow for at least the next century or so, the scientists said, but sometime after that it will probably speed up so sharply as to become a crisis."

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More global warming fear mongering (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 months ago | (#46981403)

The simple truth is, these 'scientists' do not have a job unless they can frighten the rest of the world with tall tales about how the weather is warming. I have lived long enough to recognize what they are doing and the gravy train ends NOW.

But Antarctica is gaining ice! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 months ago | (#46981905)

Actually, it's a myth that Antarctica is gaining ice. The ice in the Antarctic is melting [] , just as is ice in Greenland and the Arctic. More specifically, the mass of old, thick land ice in the Antarctic has been decreasing for decades due to the recent rapid warming. The surface area of short-lived, thin sea ice has increased, partly because the Southern Ocean is becoming less salty due to so much land ice melting away. So, Antarctic ice has been melting [] and is continuing to melt even more quickly as temperatures continue to rise.
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