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Long but brilliant explanation of why Snowden did right

Bruce66423 (1678196) writes | about 3 months ago


Bruce66423 (1678196) writes "
Gives a very full exposition of the mess that we are in and the need for real change. An interesting revelation — at least for me — Obama had indicated his intention to filibuster the law that protected telecoms from the consequences of their failure to resist NSA snooping. Then suddenly he voted in favour, after he was all but the Democratic candidate for President. The only question — how did they get to him..."

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Privacy is Necessary for Democracy (1)

mspohr (589790) | about 3 months ago | (#47099871)

This is a great article by Eben Moglen. It is very long so may be beyond the attention span of many readers here but I recommend it highly.
After giving the history of the Roman Empire which was held together by communication and monitoring (roads), he points out that the wars of the 20th century were against totalitarian regimes who also monitored and controlled communication. Since 2000, we have re-created these totalitarian tools of total information awareness.
He points out that privacy and anonymity are necessary for democracy and that we have given them up. Snowden revealed the extent of the problem.
The two greatest problems now are apathy "Hopelessness is merely the condition they want you to catch, not one you have to have" and "'I'm not doing anything wrong, why should I care?"
The article is full of gems:
"Last century we desperately fought and died against systems in which the state listened to every telephone conversation"
"We've lost the ability to read anonymously. With anonymity in reading there is no freedom of mind, there's literally slavery"
"The people of the United States are not ready to abandon our role as a beacon of liberty to the world. We are not prepared to go instead into the business of spreading the procedures of totalitarianism"
"Snowden has nobly advanced our effort to save democracy. In doing so he stood on the shoulders of others. The honour will be his and theirs, but the responsibility is ours."
Really... take the time to read this. It is brilliant.

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