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Continuous system for converting waste plastics into Crude Oil

rtoz (2530056) writes | about 4 months ago


rtoz (2530056) writes "A MIT spinout company aims to end the landfilling of plastic with a cost-effective system that breaks down nonrecycled plastics into oil, while reusing some of the gas it produces to operate.

To convert the plastics into oil, this new system first shreds them. The shreds are then entered into a reactor — which runs at about 400 degrees Celsius — where a catalyst helps degrade the plastics’ long carbon chains. This produces a vapor that runs through a condenser, where it’s made into oil.

Much of the system’s innovation is in its continuous operation

This company aims to produce more refined fuel that recyclers can immediately pump back into their recycling trucks, without the need for oil refineries.

Currently 2 Trillion Tons of Plastic waste is sitting in US landfills. So, there is a huge demand for this technology."

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Equilibrium, we must need! (1)

ramorim (1257654) | about 4 months ago | (#47283521)

If this technology is so good like they said, and many companies (or better: governments) adopt such ways of transforming plastic into fuel, we can organize all the World plastic waste in to TWO recycle ways: produce FUEL and recycle PLASTIC. We don't need to transform all the plastic waste into fuel. The industry still needs plastic in their products so with a better equilibrium we can reduce the petroleum extraction (a.k.a.: dependency), try to utilize all the annual plastic waste, and (better) we can contribute with the environment with less pollution, in the air and in the ground (I think).
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