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Following EU ruling, BBC article excluded from Google searches.

Albanach (527650) writes | about 4 months ago


Albanach (527650) writes "In 2007, the BBC's economics editor, Robert Peston, penned an article on the massive loses at Merrill Lynch and the resulting dismissal of their CEO Stan O'Neil. Today, the BBC have been notified that the 2007 article will no longer appear in some Google searches made within the European Union, apparently as a result of someone exercising their new-found 'right to be forgotten'. O'Neil was the only individual named in the 2007 article. While O'Neil has left Merrill Lynch, he has not left the world of business, and now holds a directorship at Alcoa, the world's third largest aluminum producer with $23 billion in revenues in 2013."

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Censorship (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 months ago | (#47370817)

As Peston points out, it's doubtful whether this meets the criteria for removal from Google search but his helpful comment will ensure that the story will continue to be available. This censorship could be mitigated if everyone who receives one of these notices does the same. This might also be an argument in favour of using other search engines, if there are any.

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