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Operating System U Aims For The Year of Linux Desktop

jones_supa (887896) writes | about 4 months ago


jones_supa (887896) writes "A new Linux distribution under development is among the latest dreaming of commercial success in hopes of finally conquering the Linux desktop and having their OS pre-installed on systems being sold in brick and mortar stores. Operating System U is to be based off Arch Linux, run a modified version of the MATE Desktop Environment, and will use Wayland from the get-go. In the features page some criticism is given how buggy both MATE and currently are and how better choices are needed. MATE shall also get a component they call "Startlight", which pairs the Windows Start Button with Apple's Spotlight. To make all of this a reality, the team is going to try a Kickstarter campaign later this month to raise $150,000 USD for the development of Operating System U, plus they're trying to rely on external funding as well. It is questionable whether that funding level will go very far for a team of ten with very lofty goals. Canonical has invested millions and employing hundreds of developers and still hasn't completely cracked the Linux desktop."

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Yeah...right (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 months ago | (#47397359)

What really sets OSu apart is our display server.
Overview []

Of course! The reason Linux has failed in the mainstream desktop is because the average Windows and Mac users know that existing Linux display servers are crap.

OSu will come preinstalled on laptops, and we hope to form partnerships with retailers to bring OSu to consumers.
Overview []

Naturally there is absolutely no information about how they hope to achieve this, maybe they think companies like Canonical simply havent tried this.

On top of this we will be modifying MATE to make it less buggy and to sport more features.
Overview []

Oooh MATE bugfixes, why not just contribute directly to MATE? We dont need a fork just for bug fixes.

We plan to bring to market laptops with Operating System U preinstalled. Our plan is to sell these laptops in stores that don’t normally sell laptops.
Laptops and Accessories []

What an excellent idea, sell laptops at places that don't sell laptops ... naturally what these laptops are, who will build them or what these stores might be is in no way specified.

One fact about big retail stores like Best Buy is that they have agreements with Microsoft to sell their products over those of other companies. Thus, even if we place our products into these stores, our laptops will have bad displays and be sold poorly by sales representatives whose job is to sell Microsoft goods.

Now we've hit some real FUD, I don't recall Apple or Google's wares being poorly displayed or unsold in Best Buy so they lose even more credibility there.

I cannot see anything in there that justifies a fork of an existing distro. If MATE is buggy then contribute fixes back to MATE and release this "Startlight" as an additional package. The hardest parts are the bits that nobody in their team seems to have any experience in, nor do they seem to have any idea how they will accomplish them: Shipping a laptop with it pre-installed (the page shows a Macbook Pro), deals with retailers to stock and sell, education of sales people and marketing. The problem isn't that there is anything wrong with existing Linux distros, the problem is that people just want to run their applications and most of those applications are on Windows or OSX, outside of that the general web browsing, social media and basic content viewing tasks are often better served by a tablet.

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