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Airport Security will not allow to have discharged electronic device. What's nex

Trachman (3499895) writes | about 4 months ago


Trachman (3499895) writes "Latest news to the travelers flying into the US: you will discover that getting through security will become even more time-consuming and stressful. The US Transport Security Administration revealed on Sunday that enhanced security procedures on flights coming to the US now include not allowing uncharged cell phones and other devices onto planes.

Let's think about it. In the next decade some perverted heads will announce anal and vaginal devices as the next transportation threat. How far Americans are willing to go, how many liberties to lose for the sense of security."

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Not new (2)

Deadstick (535032) | about 4 months ago | (#47396023)

They tried that for a while in the wake of 9/11, but the bootup time of Windows caused massive delays.

Guns? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 months ago | (#47397151)

For all the time they spend arguing about needing guns to be able to take down an oppressive government and for all the money they give to the government in lobbying to keep guns they don't seem particularly disposed toward the idea of actually acting upon that justification. What will it take for the gun-toting masses to actually do what they claim to need guns for? In short order you'll be bent over for a daily full rectal exam in the name of security but so long as you have your guns you'll pretend like you aren't being stripped of your freedom and dignity.
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