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Aereo Embraces Ruling, Tries to Re-Classify Itself as Cable Company

Anonymous Coward writes | about 3 months ago


An anonymous reader writes "Rather than completely shuttering its TV-over-the-internet business, Aereo has decided to embrace the Supreme Court's recent decision against it. In a letter to the lower court overseeing the litigation between the company and network broadcasters, Aereo asks to be considered a cable company and to be allowed to pay royalties as such. Cable companies pay royalties to obtain a copyright statutory license under the Copyright Act to retransmit over-the-air programming, and the royalties are set by the government, not the broadcasters. The broadcasters are not happy with this move, of course, claiming that Aereo should not be allowed to flip-flop on how it defines itself."

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Reading their actions (1)

Crashmarik (635988) | about 3 months ago | (#47429187)

Control of the content is more important to the broadcasters than having an expanded market. The question is why ?

Aero didn't flip flop (1)

sjames (1099) | about 3 months ago | (#47429375)

Aero never flip-flopped.. They were TOLD by the court (the same court the broadcasters dragged them in to) that they were a cable company. They have reluctantly accepted the court's word for it. OTOH, the broadcasters felt strongly that Aero was a cable service that they dragged them to court to have it declared true. They got what they wanted and now THEY want to flip-flop on the issue.

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