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New Display Technology that corrects for vision defects

rtoz (2530056) writes | about 3 months ago


rtoz (2530056) writes "Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed a new display technology that automatically corrects for vision defects without requiring glasses or contact lenses.

This technique could lead to dashboard-mounted GPS displays that farsighted drivers can consult without putting their glasses on, or electronic readers that eliminate the need for reading glasses.

This display is a variation on a glasses-free 3-D technology.

The 3-D display projects slightly different images to the viewer’s left and right eyes.

Similarly, this vision-correcting display projects slightly different images to different parts of the viewer’s pupil."

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I can see clearly now... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 3 months ago | (#47575507)

And from the musical world. []

If this works well it is a game changer of some serious social impact.

As modern media crazed youth grow old and presbyopia rules this
will be anyplace -- refrigerator doors, cameras, and more....

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