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Skype Blocks Customers Using OS-X 10.5.x and Earlier

lurker412 (706164) writes | about 3 months ago


lurker412 (706164) writes "Yesterday, and without previous warning, all Mac users running Leopard or earlier versions of OS-X have been locked out of Skype. Those customers are given instructions to update, but following them does not solve the problem. The Skype Community Forum is currently swamped with complaints. A company representative active on the forum said "Unfortunately we don't currently have a build that OS X Leopard (10.5) users could use" but did not answer the question whether they intend to provide one or not. I had a chat exhange with a Skype rep, who told me that not only would there be no version for Leopard, but that refunds were not going to be given for those with paid balances "...outside of 15 day cooling off period," whatever that means. I'm not assuming that the chatbot really speaks for the company. I understand that software vendors cannot be expected to support products forever. But would a bit of advance warning be too much to ask?"

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Once again, Microsoft is misunderstood. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 3 months ago | (#47616739)

Joke, but a lot of people see some truth in it: People think that Microsoft is a software and hardware company. That's a mistake. Microsoft is an evil company that uses software and hardware to deliver evil.
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