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Google Kevlar-wraps its trans-Pacific fiber cables to protect from shark attacks

Brandon Butler (2829853) writes | about 2 months ago


Brandon Butler (2829853) writes "As an ode to Shark Week: Sharks have been known to show an appetite for fiber cables underwater, and last week a Google official said to prevent sharks from wreaking havoc on the company's trans-Pacific fiber lines, it wraps them in Kevlar. It's believed that the emission of electrical currents from the fiber piping is mistaken by sharks occasionally as prey."
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I thought they bury the cable in a trench (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 months ago | (#47670547)

Sharks are sensitive to EMS and are known to bite onto cables that emit EMS, however slight the EMS happens to be
To prevent sharks from biting on the cables, most of the underwater cables are buried inside a trench dug on the sea floor.
Is Google's newest cable buried inside the seafloor trenches or is it exposed ?

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