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Ask Slashdot: Learning Linux Sys Admin via networked Raspberry Pis?

Anonymous Coward writes | about a month ago


An anonymous reader writes "I'm finding myself getting tired of the internal politics of the MegaCorp for whom I do Tech Support, and I feel treated more as a call center person now than as 3rd-level tech support. So I was thinking of getting back into Linux Sys administration, and I'd like to know if any of you have (re)learned Linux system admin skills via a network of RaspBerry Pi? (I just don't have the spare room to spend on bigger Linux boxen). I was thinking of buying 4 or so Raspberries, a router, and the cabling etc. Have any of you done this? Any caveats or things I forgot? (I've got the VGA monitor, as I'm thinking of using one main Raspberry Pi with the VGA monitor, and then RDPing/SSHing to the rest)."

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