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An Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone £140-a-Year

DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes | about a month ago


DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes "Research suggests that if we wanted to live in a world without pop-up ads for penis enlargement tablets, then it would cost everyone $230 per year. So how many people would be willing to stump up this kind of cash? Just 2% of the population apparently..."
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All ads must not go. (1)

Z00L00K (682162) | about a month ago | (#47718977)

As I see it - all ads doesn't have to go. Ads that are sensible (static images and a short catching message) and only a few of them per page will provide less incentive for AdBlock softwares.

The big thing here is that once you go AdBlock you rarely go back. Sites that denies access to AdBlocked clients will just get less visitors unless they have a very sharp edge and are unique that makes people willing to disable the AdBlock function for that site.

News sites with paywalls - well, it start to look like that more news sites have paywalls, but that just leads to shorter visit times and just reading the headlines - which may result in misinformed readers instead.

Plain Stupid (1) (595837) | about a month ago | (#47719817)

There still some people to think that when something is ad-paid then it is free ?

It is paid by the consumers who buy the products of the brand that do advertising.

Those $140 are already paid each year by people in a way or another.

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