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How The Ancient Egyptians (Should Have) Built The Pyramids

KentuckyFC (1144503) writes | about 2 months ago


KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is constructed from 2.4 million limestone blocks, most about 2.5 tonnes but some weighing in at up to 80 tonnes, mostly sourced from local limestone quarries. That raises a famous question. How did the ancient Egyptians move these huge blocks into place? There is no shortage of theories but now a team of physicists has come up with another that is remarkably simple--convert the square cross section of the blocks into dodecadrons making them easy to roll. The team has tested the idea on a 30 kg scaled block the shape of a square prism. They modified the square cross-section by strapping three wooden rods to each long face, creating a dodecahedral profile. Finally, they attached a rope to the top of the block and measured the force necessary to set it rolling. The team say a full-sized block could be modified with poles the size of ships masts and that a work crew of around 50 men could move a block with a mass of 2.5 tonnes at the speed of 0.5 metres per second. The result suggests that this kind of block modification is a serious contender for the method the Egyptians actually used to construct the pyramids, say the researchers."

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Geometry is hard (1)

Megane (129182) | about 2 months ago | (#47755475)

Pretty sure that cross-section is a dodecagon, not a dodechedron.

Wrong unit, too bad in introduction... (1) (595837) | about 2 months ago | (#47756685)

Those blocks were quarried locally from limestone (average density 2.2 kg/m3)

No wonder why it was so easy!!!

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