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Why Learning to Code Outweighs a Degree in Computer Science

jjp9999 (2180664) writes | about 1 month ago


jjp9999 (2180664) writes "A college degree may not the best route when it comes to jobs in coding. Jobs for computer science majors flow aplenty, yet employers (and job-seekers) often learn quickly that the college grads don't have the skills. "This is because the courses taught in virtually all computer science curriculums focus on theory, and they only dabble in teaching practical programming skills," says Cody Scholberg on Epoch Times. This ties into a unique factoid in the world of programmers. Nearly half of the software developers in the United States do not have a college degree. Many never even graduated from high school. Instead, many aspiring programmers are turning to open source learning materials, or to the new programming bootcamps popping up around the United States. While theory does have its place, the situation begs the question of whether colleges are teaching the right skills people need to join the workforce, and what its place is amid the rise of open source learning."
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I call bullshit (1)

JustNiz (692889) | about 1 month ago | (#47816969)

This article is bullshit.
Many if not most employers *require* a degree before you even get to the interview.
Secondly its not an either-or thing. You can have both a degree and practical skills.

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