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Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny in Gamer Culture

ideonexus (1257332) writes | about 1 month ago


ideonexus (1257332) writes "2490 gamers, developers and journalists have signed an open letter supporting inclusion in the gaming community after indie game developer Zoe Quinn received backlash and harassment when her ex-boyfriend posted false accusations that she traded sex for favorable reviews of her game and feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian was driven from her home after receiving death and rape threats for her videos illustrating the way some mainstream games encourage the commodification of and violence against women. The harassment has prompted geek-dating advice columnist Harris O’Malley to declare the backlash the "Extinction Burst of Gaming Culture", the last reactionary gasp before the culture shifts to become more inclusionary."
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Article gets it dead wrong. (1)

dk_alternis (3812705) | about a month and a half ago | (#47827729)

Whoever wrote this article did not do their research. The accusations of sex for favors towards Zoe Quinn are most certainly credible, and the death threat against Anita Sarkeesian she made public are evidenced to have been stage by Anita herself. Not to mention that the cause for this uproar goes much deeper than infidelity.

(WARNING: Foul language ahead) [] [] [] [] [] [] []

The evidence is overwhelming.
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