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Introducing the Extensible Driver Interface

Eli Gottlieb (917758) writes | more than 7 years ago

Operating Systems

Eli Gottlieb writes "Over on OSNews I have written an introduction to the Extensible Driver Interface.

I noticed a year ago that "fringe" operating system projects never seem to grow to a point where they can even appeal to a market, much less penetrate one. One of the major reasons seemed to be a lack of portable drivers, requiring each OS developer or team of developers to rewrite hardware drivers for devices that everyone had long since taken for granted — the floppy driver or keyboard, for example.

Like a fool, I asked for people to implement the "Uniform Driver Interface" hawked by SCO after only a perfunctory look at their specifications. Worse yet, I pledged to implement it myself.

When I read the specs, I resolved to try and invent a more practical approach to portable drivers with which people could really work. EDI is the result of that attempt, and if you read the OSNews comments (Sourceforge likes to CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP on tarballs) you can download C headers and documentation in HTML and LATEX for my "standard". It has no backers and can only win support, implementation or use by its merits, which you shall no doubt find utterly lacking.

Torvalds posted to the Minix mailing list. I post to OSNews and Slashdot. Oh, how far we have fallen."

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