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Scanned Mozart scores now available for free

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 7 years ago


An anonymous reader writes "As reported by elmundo newspaper (Spanish), all Mozart compositions are digitized for first time and made available online for free. The Mozarteum foundation, in cooperation with The Packard Humanities Institute are behind this project. Currently there are 25,734 pages of scores, extracted from modern printed books, that can be searched by tonality, name, title, character's name (for operas), length... and there will be more (from the article):

Ulrich Leisinger, foundation's science director, explains that starting by summer of 2007 it will be possible to access all works in their original version. That is, the scores that Mozart himself wrote with his hands. They expect to get international support and colaboration with museums of Paris and Cracovia to offer 90% of original scores by Internet. He also says that in two or three years, the complete set of handwritten works of Mozart will be available to view on Internet, including letters, schemes, annotations, and other documents."

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