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"Violent" Games banned In Turkey

unity100 (970058) writes | more than 7 years ago

PC Games (Games)

unity100 writes "Last in a series of moves in order to "protect children" against harmful content, government branches in cities around turkey have banned a list of 19 games including Counter Strike, GTA Vice City, Half Life, GTA San Andreas, Delta Force, Swat, Call Of Duty, Knightonline, The Punisher, Louncher, Hitman, Counter, Hell Forces, Halo, Line Of Sight Vietnam, Pariah, Serious Sam, Return To Castle Wolfenstein as unplayable through internet cafes around turkey. Cafes who are found to have these games are fined 12.000 Turkish Liras, which equal roughly $ 8500, as reported by the website of the foremost newspaper belonging to one of the two biggest media monopolies in turkey : m=1&gid=112&srid=3439&oid=1

The ban was initiated with the directive of governors, and is enforced by police force. Governors are not elected, but appointed in Turkey, by buraeucratic arm of the government. The 'council' that decides these games are 'violent' and therefore 'harmful are comprised of a hilarious compendium of instutitions, which include national lottery instutition, State monopoly instutition, fiscal police instutition, police force (national) and some branches of health ministry and child health branches of some universities — which with a whopping percentage consist of people who are not even able to turn a computer on by themselves.

The move follows on the wake of the turmoil resulting from a high profile child porn distribution crime case, which was also much hyped by the same major newspapers."

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