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Ajax and E-Commerce Solutions

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 7 years ago

ecart writes "Ever wonder what large e-commerce retailers use for a shopping cart solution? Do they build their e-commerce solution in-house or outsource? Do their CIO's go through the same process of researching and selecting a cart solution that us little guys go through? You betcha.

They fish in a much larger pond than micro/small e-commerce operations and the solutions available to them blow many of the hosted shopping cart solutions that we know and love right out of the water. Take for instance Demandware.

Demandware has an impressive client list that includes Playboy and Vermont Teddy Bear. Even more impressive is their solution. Features include an AJAX shopping cart, highly evolved merchandising ability and a robust checkout system that can include incentives and offers for upselling. Oh and did I mention they offer AN AJAX SHOPPING CART?!!?

Sorry of getting so excited over this technology but it makes the shopping experience SO MUCH better than other web technologies. With AJAX you can kiss the following goodbye:

  — Requiring customer to click to go through a checkout.
  — No more disjointed steps to "Add to Cart" or "Continue Shopping".
  — No more clicking to get shipping costs.

All of these benefits sum up to higher sales conversion rates for the store. Quite simply, the easier you make to buy something from your online store — the more people will buy. Think out it as a one-step checkout on steroids. I'll take it further and say the AJAX shopping carts make one-step shopping cart looks so 1990's. The big boys know this and are going through great pains to update their e-commerce solutions to make uee of AJAX. The Gap even temporarily closed their online stores down to upgrade AJAX. Yes, it's that important.

Now us little guys will just have to wait for an affordable AJAX hosted shopping cart to come along..."

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